Xzavier Davis-Bilbo at a benefit for the X-Man Foundation with his dad and the Pantherdice team

Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee – Proclamation for October 11, 2014 is ‘Xzavier Day!’

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo with mom Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford and sister Aurie Parris and the rest of his family

The mother of Xzavier Davis-Bilbo was contacted by the Mayor’s office to pick which day she would like to be ‘Xzavier’s Day’ and Valetta has unselfishly chosen October 11th for ‘Xzavier Day’ so that she might share the celebration with you.

Join them in Milwaukee, WI for ‘Xzavier Day’ and meet Xzavier and his family.

We realize that not everyone will be able to go to Milwaukee for this celebration so we are asking for volunteers to host Skype In Sessions for the Big Day.

We are also asking for volunteers to help us get the word out about Xzavier’s campaign

‘Don’t text for X’.

We are also asking other cities to join in on the celebrations and also to participate in the ‘Walk for Awareness’ an event that Valetta Bradford has hosted every year on or near the anniversary of Xzavier’s injuries.  If we can get Mayor Tom Barrett to agree to proclaim October 11th will be ‘Xzavier Day’ here on out we will change the name of the walk permanently to ‘Xzavier Day’.

God bless all you drivers and keep your eyes on the roads because the other drivers might be texting.

Donate to the X-Man Foundation so that ‘Xzavier Day’ will be the best day we can possibly make for Xzavier.





Good morning ya’ll,

I was up late last night and so was Valetta.  She shared on facebook that she and X are in a documentary against distracted driving and they have been invited to Hollywood for the red carpet event.

There isn’t any money in their budget or Valetta’s to make this happen so I think we should make it happen.  After all that Xzavier has lost, like his left lung and his legs, he deserves the royal treatment and he is a ROCK STAR!

I shall be working with Valetta this morning to get her set up to take donations through her email with PayPal and all of the major credit cards.

I love you all,

That Lady down in Texas