Xzavier Davis-Bilbo

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo was paralyzed by a distracted driver when he was five years old and now he is eight.

This web ring was created by that lady down in Texas (that’s me) because I couldn’t find a presence for Xzavier on the web after seeing his PSA on television.

It is my intent to turn these websites over to Valetta Bradford,  X-man’s mom,  so she can designate a trusted friend or family member in her own area to maintain these websites,  in particular,  the Swear Jar for X-man.

I must admit the first few web pages I put together caused me to swear on-line, and I’m a right proper Texan lady.

It’s this situation.

So I admit,  I dropped a couple of really bad swear words and then later I removed them.  I was just so damn mad at this lady who did this to him.


That one was worth a dollar.  You get the idea.

So whether or not this situation makes you damn mad (another dollar,  my bad) or you feel guilty because you took the AT&T pledge not to text while driving and then you did it,  just this one time,  put your dollar in the swear jar.

If you took the pledge,  then you swore.

Put your dollar in the swear jar people and stop texting while driving.

Much love and thank you for pledging for X-man.


Pledge your donation to X-man and his family.

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