For Xzavier Davis-Bilbo


You came here because like me,  you feel something should be done for the family of Xzaver Davis-Bilbo.

I’m glad you’re here.

What I found out from endless google searching is once the Pantherdise folks held a benefit for Xzavier to get a wheelchair accessible van.

No follow-up was found on whether or not this was accomplished.

I am of the opinion that this family has too much to do just to care for X-man’s everyday living needs to have to worry about money.

And I also want them to receive so much money that they can build a nice home in the country far away from distracted drivers and that dreaded  corner that took X-man’s future into a restricted zone.

Each caretaker can have their own suite,  that’s for the family members and a couple of suites for the professionals that the family can hire to help out every day if we pay.

Only responsible minded people will contribute.  Unlike the woman who caused these injuries.  As far as I know she is hiding under a rock.

She’s probably on drugs by now.  She only had to pay a hundred and fifty dollar fine,  so she’s out there driving around looking for another kid to mow down.

It could be yours.

I’m just saying.

I want things to change so badly.  I want the cell phones disabled when they are in motion over five miles an hour.

But I don’t know how to accomplish this.

I do know how to ask for money for a worthy cause.  I got involved a week ago because I couldn’t find anywhere to donate to X-man after I saw the Public Service Announcement that Valetta Bradford and her son Xzavier Davis-Bilbo released.

The first search netted a mispelled name.  People are so careless with grammar and spelling as well as driving and yes,  that irritates me also.

So thank you for pledging.  It will take me a while to build this net for X-man.  I want him to have a strong presence on the world-wide web and all the websites will lead to a donation page that is solely under the control of Valetta Bradford,  X-man’s mother.

She is a real classy lady.   You should look at a few of her clips,  that aren’t properly promoted but I will be adding them all to here.

Follow this blog so you will know the minute that Valetta takes over control of these websites.

Please take a moment now to send your best wishes to X-man and pledge what you want to give when she gets a donate button.

Thank you.



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